Why does Hublot receive so much criticism in the watch world?

Hublot, the Swiss luxury watch brand, is known for its bold and daring designs, incorporating unconventional materials and creating oversized timepieces. While it has garnered a dedicated fanbase, Hublot has also faced significant criticism and skepticism in the watch world. In this blog post, we explore the reasons why Hublot gets so much criticism.

  1. Design

One of the primary reasons for criticism of Hublot is its design. The brand has never shied away from taking risks with its watch designs, which often incorporate bold colors, oversized cases, and unconventional materials like ceramic, carbon fiber, and rubber. However, some watch enthusiasts believe that the brand's design choices prioritize style over substance, with little emphasis on horological craftsmanship or heritage.

  1. Quality

Hublot has also faced criticism regarding the quality of its watches. While the brand uses high-quality materials, some watch enthusiasts question the reliability of its movements. In the past, Hublot has used generic ETA movements, which can be seen as cutting corners in the manufacturing process. Additionally, some Hublot watches have had issues with water resistance and durability, leading some to question the brand's quality control measures.

  1. Marketing

Hublot's marketing strategies have also contributed to its criticism. The brand has collaborated with celebrities, sports teams, and events, creating limited edition watches that appeal to a younger, more fashion-conscious demographic. While these collaborations have been successful in generating hype and attention, some watch enthusiasts view them as gimmicks that prioritize marketing and branding over horological excellence.

  1. Price

Finally, Hublot's high prices have also contributed to criticism of the brand. Some argue that the brand's watches are overpriced, especially considering the use of generic movements in some models. Additionally, the brand's limited edition watches often come with a significant price premium, leading some to question whether they are worth the cost.

In conclusion, while Hublot has a loyal fanbase, the brand has also faced significant criticism in the watch world. The design, quality, marketing, and price of its watches have all contributed to this criticism. However, it is important to note that opinions on Hublot are subjective and that the brand's unique approach to watch design may appeal to some watch enthusiasts.

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